Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Watering Schedule

Here is the link to the August Watering Schedule that Gail has designed for us:;Op=ShowIt&Date=2012-08-01

Thanks, Gail, for keeping us all on track!!

If you see vegetables that need to be harvested but you aren't taking them home yourself, please leave them on the bench for the next person on the watering schedule to take home.

Happy watering, everyone!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PVC Gardens at Pine Valley Days

We were thrilled to join in the rotation with the "regulars" of the Pine Valley Community Gardens at the Pine Valley Days booth. Timothy had helped with set up (and later with take down) earlier in the morning, but after the always-delightful parade, Timothy and I headed to the booth to do our stint from 10:00 AM-noon.

Timothy had been up past midnight baking oatmeal-craisin cookies, and then remained up working until nearly dawn on the "Pine Valley Community Gardens" sign that graced the back of the booth.

The cups of fresh fruit salad sold out before noon, and the oatmeal-craisin cookies were done soon after. Other delicious baked goods, including delicious gluten-free cupcakes, were very popular.

But the big attention-grabber was the Garden Cookbook, a lovely group effort, but the book was brought into print by the special efforts of Gail, Karen, and Judith.

Along with fruit, baked goods, and the cookbook, Gail's father was offering his incredible redwood garden benches/picnic tables, with all proceeds going to the Community Gardens.

So it was a very profitable day for Pine Valley Community Gardens, a day to make ourselves better known to the community and to bring in the funds that allow us to purchase seeds, put in new beds, and continue growing community spirit as well as delicious organic vegetables.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Community Garden on Mount Laguna!!

Good news!!!

Our friends atop Mount Laguna are starting their own Community Garden!!!

Nica, the owner of the Pine House Cafe and Tavern, is spearheading the effort to start a community garden on her grounds. With so many Mount Laguna residents (including my parents) living on forestry land, gardening isn't an option for many mountain top residents. So Nica's offer provides a wonderful opportunity to build community spirit as well as to grow and harvest delicious herbs, vegetables, etc.!

Here is Nica's latest e-mail:

We will be holding the first Mount Laguna Community Garden Meeting on Saturday, March 3rd 10:00am - 11:30am at the Pine House Cafe & Tavern (formerly The Eagle & The Bear Cafe). I'll provide the space, coffee, and baked treats, too! You bring your ideas and enthusiasm! --- and please bring a chair if you’ve got one that’s portable!

We Pine Valley gardeners will also be meeting with Nica before the March 3 Mount Laguna meeting to network and share ideas. If anyone is interested in joining Judith, Ann, and Susanne in meeting with Nica, please e-mail one of us (e-mail addresses are listed in the sidebar).

So we wish our elevated neighbors (forgive the pun!) all the best as they begin the wonderful and challenging journey to community gardening!!

--Susanne :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Plans for Spring!

Here's our plan for spring planting, as designed by Judith, Ann, and Timothy (the latter of whom drew up the plans on the computer).

We'll let you know when we'll start meeting this spring as the frosts dissipate and work will need to be done!

Stay tuned....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meeting on August 27 and UPDATE!

Peggy, Timothy, and Ann wrestle the fast-growing pumpkin vines

We at the Pine Valley Community Gardens are reluctantly bidding our dear friend Miss Peggy adieu as she moves across the country in early September. Peggy has been the get-up-and-go-girl of this organization, keeping everyone on task and organized. She will be greatly missed.

We'll be saying our goodbyes and celebrating her achievements at our monthly meeting this Saturday, August 27 at 9:30 (please note time change!) in the Community Room of the Pine Valley Library. So come bid our Peggy a fond farewell and give her the hugs she so richly deserves!!

Many thanks also go to Peggy's generous landlady, Kathy, who allowed the Community Garden on her property in the first place. Although Peggy and Kathy are both moving to warm Southern climes, the new owner is thrilled about our little garden and pledges to allow us to soldier ever onward, growing community spirit as well as delectable organic veggies!

The co-directors of the PVCG are now Judith Dupree and Ann Larkin, the latter of whom has kindly stepped in to assist with finances and organization; plus, she has a strong back and much gardening know-how. Although we'll greatly miss Peggy, we're happy that we have such a capable gardener and organizer in Ann to step into some pretty hard-to-fill shoes (muddy though they may be from much gardening!).

We also extend our love and gratitude to the lovely Karen Butchko, who because of family matters, is stepping aside as Treasurer; Ann Larkin will take over the finances of this little organization, with our thanks.

As Judith writes about our upcoming meeting:

This will be an unusual and nostalgic gathering, and we hope those of you who have been in any way involved, if only at the very first, will join us to send our dear Peggy off to FLORIDA! Yes! Kathy has, hopefully, sold the property (it's in escrow), and they (or P. at least) will leave the first of October. Peggy has turned over all PVCG files and duties to Ann Larkin and me, and we will carry on with great hope. Among other tasks, Ann will handle finances, thank God! She is skilled at this, and you may be sure of our standing with Chase et al. I will address other essential duties. Prepare to hear from me whenever a new 'mater ripens. (Nah, just kidding!) BTW, our young Timothy has been irreplaceable, and will fill in gaps in various ways. What an enormous work it was, the first year +. Now it is at a stage when we are thrilled to see the "fruit" of our labor, enjoying beautiful ripe veggies almost daily.

All this to assure you of the continuity -- and now I want to encourage you again: Join us Saturday for a little tribute and fellowship in honor of Peggy and Kathy and their invaluable, ongoing, and considerable efforts to make this project viable!

Come and find out where our gals are going. Toast them with a cuppa fine java or home-squeezed lemonade . . . and munch a hunkin' cookie. We want every one of you to join in simply to rejoice together over two special people who made this special garden come alive. See you Saturday!

Think dirt!

So please do come and join us in saying farewell to Peggy and Kathy this Saturday, August 27 at 9:30 (not 9:00 as usual!)

And keep gathering in the harvest with us!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Successful Sale at Pine Valley Days

Peggy chats with a Pine Valley resident about the PVCG

Despite the hot, muggy weather this year at Pine Valley Days 2011, the friends of Pine Valley Community Gardens gathered an impressive selection of edible and growable items for sale. All proceeds go to benefit the garden and continuing education programs for local school children.

Freshly picked organic greens and various plants grown in organic soil were also available, in addition to a bevy of delectable baked goods!

With edibles ranging from chocolate chip and cranberry oatmeal cookies to morning glory muffins and fruited oatmeal cookies to carrot cake "ice cream cones" and pecan pralines, plus freshly picked organic greens, Peggy, Karen and her grandkids, Judith and her family, another Karen and her grandkids, and Susanne and her four kids, did brisk business all day long.

Also for sale were heirloom bean seeds, dried Italian herbs, and various gallon and three-gallon plants: butternut squash, green pumpkins, various heirloom tomatoes, sage, basil, and rosemary all sold very well.

By selling baked goods and organic plants, the PVCG brought in $225!

Over the course of the day, which was cut short by a violent thundershower with driving, drenching rain, PVCG brought in $225!! We thank all who baked goods to sell and provided greens and plants. These funds will help continue our gardening efforts and allow us to continue to educate our community about the benefits of gardening together!

And the PVCG offers many thanks to Renee's Garden who donated many of the seeds that made this year's Community Garden and sale at Pine Valley Days possible!!

Also take a peek at our new photo album above, with photos from this past month: Garden Photo Album 2011.

Come grow community spirit as well as fresh organic vegetables by joining Pine Valley Community Gardens! Come to our next meeting (August 27--see post below this one) or contact one of the e-mail addresses in the sidebar of this site.

Happy Growing, Everyone!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next Meeting: August 27

Benjamin, Timothy, and Ann working in the PV Community Garden

The next meeting of the friends of Pine Valley Community Gardens will be Saturday, August 27 at 9:00 AM at the Pine Valley Library.

All who are interested in discovering what we do in growing not only organic vegetables but growing community spirit as well are very welcome to attend!

We will discuss work days, to-do lists, the new owners of the lot on which the garden area stands (who are very excited about the garden!!), and some shifting in job assignments.

Come grow a community as well as organic vegetables with us!!